On Or Off The Course..the Magellan Has It All!

Edition: September/October 2014

STAR EV (brand of JH Global Services, Inc.) is pleased to announce the introduction of the STAR EV Magellan golf car or street legal vehicle with seating up to 4 people. This is not your ordinary golf car! The Magellan is built on an aluminum chassis, with a powerful AC motor rated at 6 continuous and 22 Peak horsepower, the Magellan also has a walk away braking system, full independent front suspension, four wheel disc brakes and a 16:1 rear end gear to give it best-in-class help climbing ability. The Magellan can be made street legal to allow travel on roads with posted speeds of 35 MPH or less. On mostly flat surfaces, the Magellan can go up to 60 miles plus on a single charge. No other vehicle offers all these great features in one car!

The STAR EV Magellan can be purchased from any of STAR EV’s 200+ dealers. You can use the dealer locator and check out the Magellan brochure at www.starev.com.